•  Stephanie Renee dos Santos writer/artist/adventurer/yogini, your online and in-person yoga guide


    My passion is empowering people to heal body and soul so you can come into deep communion with the divine and thrive in life.

    Before I started on the yogic path I lived with chronic pain and crippling stress. Today, I live pain-free and I feel wildly happy and whole and have far exceeded what I thought possible for myself, and all because of yoga and the graces of Shakti. You too can heal and grow and bloom.

    I assist people to cure body-mind discomforts such as low back, knee, neck and shoulder pain, sciatica and correcting structural alignment problems; replace fear with courage, anxiety with calm, low self-esteem with self-love; and to learn ways to release and manage stress and to ground -- to be present in life Now. When the body is at ease so become the tensions of the mind, opening space within you to fully embody your unique self-expression and live it forth into the world. Also, I help people seeking increased energy and self-understanding so you can live with vitality. Being part of a supportive yoga community online or in person assists you to expand beyond what you think is possible for yourself. Through my programs I offer pathways to create healthy life rhythms, connection with yourself and your innate intuition and healing capacity, others, and the earth, along with ways to invoke and enter into deep relationship with the divine for you to heal and self-realize.

    I’m known as an inspiring, loving, gentle, creative, compassionate, earthy, encouraging and uplifting yoga guide, who possesses the Hindu goddess Bhuvaneshwari-like quality to create sacred healing, creative-expressive and meditative spaces.

    This virtual sanctuary and the programs offered here are the culmination of nineteen years of yoga practice, twenty years of working in the arts, and a lifelong relationship and time spent in nature. I'm certified in Integrative Yoga and Kum Nye (Tibetan Yoga), with a focus in the divine feminine, Kundalini, and the marriage of the divine feminine with the divine masculine. I have a B.A in Studio Arts from Whitman College. I contribute spiritual-based fiction and poetry to literary journal Lalitamba. At sixteen days old began my relationship with wilderness places in the North Cascade Range of Washington State in the United States while on my mother's back, and since then the mountains have been my home, my refuge, my heart, taking me to far-off sacred places like the Andes and Himalayas too. All the while the ocean is my day-to-day anchor.

    If you desire wholeness and are looking for transformative yogic practices on the mat in natural settings and to go beyond postures, using yoga-based expressive arts to cure, unleash self-expression, experience union, and live in nature's rhythms, join me in an online program, in-person workshop and pilgrimage retreat into the heart of the divine feminine, Mother Nature!

    My deepest offering is making yogic wilderness pilgrimage retreats available to those seeking profound connection and radical life-changing experiences with the restorative and expansive powers available in pristine natural places, while devising ways to individually incorporate "Artivism" and sacred activism into one's life for the benefit of the planet.

    I can’t wait to support you, encourage you, and offer helpful creative ways for you to heal and embody your best self! Jai Ma!