• Guided Meditations

    Devi Yoga Nidras are goddess-based recorded meditations for healing, relaxation, creative expansion, realization of intentions and for coming into intimate contact with the signature qualities and powers of the Goddesses of Yoga.

    *All recordings are 15-20 minutes long.

  • I've developed these "Devi Yoga Nidras" because a divine feminine approach in this form did not exist, but is needed. Up until recently, there haven't been Yoga Nidras available where one comes into deep communion with the healing and liberating powers of Devi. We live in an age when it's crucial and vital to be in direct dialogue with the teachings and powers of the divine feminine, for our well-being and that of the planet. Yoga Nidras have been scientifically proven as effective practices to heal, realize positive change, and prompt personal transformation. Awaken and align with your inner goddess, embody her personal and cosmic qualities, and join in creating conscious connection to the divine now!

    ~ Stephanie Renee dos Santos

  • Single recordings for download

    Durga: $5.97
    Bhuvaneshwari: $5.97
    Saraswati: $5.97
    Kail: $5.97
    Lakshmi: $5.97
    Matangi: $5.97
    Paravti Comming in 2017!: $5.97
  • Durga - Warrior Goddess of Inner Strength & Protection

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    This is a great meditation for New Moon practices; when you want to begin new projects; when you are seeking assistance to complete projects; to dissolve obstacles in your path; to summon your inner strength; to garner the willpower to create positive habits; to help you in challenging life situations; and for protection.


    • Deep relaxation
    • Access inner strength
    • Activate personal willpower
    • Recieve goddess grace of protection
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  • Durga Yoga Nidra $5.97
  • Bhuvaneshwari - Goddess of Creative Possibility, Infinite Space, Mother of the Worlds  

    This meditation assists you to invoke the ability to hold sacred and meditative space for yourself and others; to dissolve differences between you and others; to empower your activities to create at the highest level; to accept your humanness as part of your divinity; to invoke Goddess grace in your life; to help you identify yourself with the earth and all living things more fully; to experience your body as sacred; and to experience full divine embodiment.


    • Deep relaxation
    • Access limitless & highest creativity
    • Self-acceptance & acceptance others
    • Divinity & grace
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  • Bhuvaneshwari Yoga Nidra $5.97
  • Saraswati- Goddess of Flowing Arts, Language,
    Insight and Sound 

    This meditation assists in eloquence of writing and speaking, the deepening of meditation, for insights, learning languages, developing intuition, auspicious speech, developing stronger communication skills, answers to questions: both intellectual and practical, musical skill and mantra, for mathematical insights, studying, learning, enhancing one's memory, and help with computer glitches.


    • Deep relaxation
    • Source creative insight & knowledge
    • Musical skill & mantra & writing
    • Deepening of intuition & meditation
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  • Saraswati Yoga Nidra $5.97
  • Lakshmi- Goddess of Abundance, Good Fortune, Beauty and Visual Arts, Receiving the Gifts of Life

    This meditation assists in awakening and aligning with one's internal and cosmic abundance, good health and luck, support in one's worldly life and business ventures, developing qualities of gratitude, generosity and self-love, allowing yourself to be able to receive life's gifts, to become pregnant and deliver a healthy baby, skill in the visual arts, cooking and decore, experiencing beauty in life, finding a job or home that aligns with your heart, harmonious relationships, enjoying every form of pleasure and love in general, inner radiance and happiness. 


    • Deep relaxation
    • Aligning with the beauty and abundance of life within & without
    • Artistic skill
    • Releasing inner radiance, love & happiness
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  • Lakshmi Yoga Nidra $5.97
  • Kail- Goddess of  Radical Transformation & Empowering Liberation 

    This is a great meditation for invoking transformative strength, removing limitations and karmic veils, purifying internal self and chakras, releasing outdated structures externally and internally, eradicating egoic tendencies that limit you and your spiritual life , clarity into the mysteries of life and death, all forms of enlightenment and especially those that open one to the absolute realities of the universes, strengthening and purifying the heart, and transcendent ecstasy in meditation, in the midst of troubles and in love making.


    • Deep relaxation
    • Catalyst for radical transformation
    • Come into contact with primordial love
    • Deep egoic cleansing
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  • Kali Yoga Nidra $5.97
  • Matangi- Wild Matriarchal Mother of the Forest & She Who Allows Us to See the Divine in the Polluting Aspects of Life

    This is a great meditation to access your deepest truths beyond conventional thinking and societal acceptance, to discover the power found in the periphery places of life, spark the ability to eloquently speak, create art and music, to connect deeply with one's intuition, voice and apply this wisdom in life, the ability to chant mantras, to honor the divine feminine blood and sexual mysteries, tap into one’s full erotic power, access the wisest parts of Self and be confident in this knowledge, unleash primal parts of being, the ability manifest what you deeply desire, harmonize the different frequencies of life to avoid jarring extremes, reconcile and be at peace with internal fears, act out transgressive actions and attitudes considered polluting or taboo to help us synchronize everything in our lives. 


    • Deep relaxation
    • Contact with deepest truths & Self
    • Discover power in peripheral realms
    • Invoke ability to speak & create 
    • Unleash primal parts of Self
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  • Matangi Yoga Nidra $5.97