• Lunar Yogini Circle

  • Would you like a way to deepen your yoga practice and personal growth with a busy-life schedule? And connection with and the support of women through the lunar cycles and four seasons? 

    If so, this online "Lunar Yogini Circle" is for you!

  • Ancient Yogini wisdom for modern living.

  • Are you curious to learn about and incorporate divine feminine yogic teachings into your life to live with more direction and loving connection with yourself, others, the moon, earth and cosmos?

    If so, you will realize this and more in this year-long online womens' group which meets four times throughout the year, during the four seasons (winter, spring, summer, fall). We will follow the rhythms of the moon and earth while exploring the yogic goddesses of the moon cycles and earth.

    In this women's group you will:

    • Learn which goddesses of yoga are directly related to the new and full cycles, and earth, plus how to invoke and align with their wisdom
    • Practice Devi Yoga Flow new and full moon posture sequences to fluidly align with the distinct phases of the moon and its effects on our bodies
    • Create a "Yoginimoondala"a year-long personal lunar calendar that works with ancient Yogini wisdom, accesses inner guidance, develops intuition, and awakens creativity 
    • Ground busy mind and check-in with yourself to live with more intention throughout the year through prompts and journaling
    • Bring play and liberating devotion into a busy and scheduled life through yogic dance movements 
    • Be empowered and inspired by Bhakti (devotional) womens' poetry
    • Stimulate and transform inner energy by connecting with the moon and earth goddesses of yoga through mantra, mudra and breathwork
    • Stir and inspire creativity by attuning into Shakta imagination exploring divine feminine yogic art
    • Relax, release worries, anxiety, tension, heal, set positive intentions, invoke goddess support and expand creativity by coming into direct contact with Shakti (energy and power) and Her goddess forms through guided Devi Yoga Nidra meditations

    We meet by conference call on two full moons and two new moons at the turning of each season, and in the private Facebook group: "Lunar Yogini Circle".

  • Testimonials

  • Adreane Maria Scopel

    Mother, Garopaba, Brazil

    "I love the parts that touch the feminine, mudras, breathing, asanas...everything! I've been finding I breath more easily and I'm less anxious. I'm enjoying myself more and reconnecting with my feminine."

  • Viviane Ramil

    Artist & Mother, Garopaba, Brazil

    "Stephanie's classes are like paths of stones that lead me to a waterfall in the middle of a forest, there I encounter equilibrium in my body:  physically, mentally and spiritually. Stephanie's practices are spiritual...are a door to the path of self-knowledge. Your practices help me immensely in my internal healing process...give me a state of calm...PEACE...HAPPINESS...comfort...and LOVE for myself...THANK YOU FOR SO MUCH LOVE!"

  • Andrea Villela

    Teacher, Garopaba, Brazil

    "I like Stephanie's awareness (preparation)...the postures, music and especially the energy of "Love" & "Compassion" I feel in your presence, in your person. I've gained many "Good" & "Positive" things, I feel more present in life: more breath! more life! and more Love of my Life! I am so grateful to live this experience and participate in this "group", and be your student and apprentice."

  • You receive:

    • 4 downloadable 90 minute recordings
    • Includes 2, 15-20 minute Devi Yoga Flow videos (Hatha Yoga) + Devidance video (devotional dance)
    • Session printouts available online & for download
    • Ongoing Sisterhood online interactive support and exchange via our private Facebook group
    • Year-long immersion of waxing and waning with the moon, connecting & exploring earth/moon-wisdom of yoga and the divine feminine voices of yoga to live a connected and vibrant life!

    Four Seasons dates we'll meet:

    Wednesday, January 31 full moon (winter)

    Saturday, March 31 full moon (spring)

    Thursday, July 12 new moon (summer)

    Monday, October 8 new moon (fall)

  • 2018 circle begins full moon Wednesday, January 31, 2018!

    (open ongoing enrollment, if you sign up after the group has started you will still have access to all the recordings and videos! You can listen and watch them on your own time schedule)

    Early Bird until Monday, January 29, 2018: $197

    Cost: $249

    2018 Enrollment by PayPal: