• Viviana Ramil

    Artist & Mother, Garopaba, Brazil (orginally from Argentina)

    English translation: "Stephanie's classes are like paths of stones that lead me to a waterfall in the middle of a forest, there I encounter equilibrium in my body:  physically, mentally and spiritually. Stephanie's practices are spiritual...are a door to the path of self-knowledge. Your practices help me immensely in my internal healing process...give me a state of calm...PEACE...HAPPINESS...comfort...and LOVE for myself...THANK YOU FOR SO MUCH LOVE!"

    "Puedo definir aulas de Stephanie, como un sendero (camino) como piedras que me llevan a una cachoeira en medio de un bosque...ahi me encuentro en equilibrio ,en unidad mis cuerpos...(fisico,mental e espiritual....). Stephanie's practicas son espirituales...son una puerta para el camino de autoconocimiento. Tus practicas me ayudan inmensamente en mi proceso de cura de interiorizacion...me proporcionan calma...un estado de PAZ...de ALEGRIA..de conforto...y de AMOR hacia mi misma...GRACIAS POR TANTO AMOR!"

  • Kari Neumeyer

    Author, Bellingham, Washington, USA

    "I've dabbled in yoga for many years, but never connected it to my writing practice before. I signed up for this [writing and yoga] workshop hoping to work through a bit of writer's block on my novel. We met on the labyrinth at Fairhaven Park, a perfect setting for outdoor yoga. After an hour of poses targeting our hips, back, neck and shoulders, opening ourselves to creativity and culminating in Tibetan meditation, we sat down to write. Stephanie guided us through writing prompts focusing our attention on the natural world. The yoga gave my writing an awareness of my physical surroundings that I sometimes neglect. We returned to our mats for a few more vinyasas before a final writing exercise to bring it all together. I was quite surprised to find that the stream of consciousness observations from the earlier prompts fit perfectly into my novel, and I wrote a short scene that I didn't even know my story needed. I intend to use the poses I learned from Stephanie in my future yoga and writing practice, and I hope to work with her again." 

  • Stephanie Cowell

    Author, New York City, New York, USA

    "It was totally heaven to take an out-of-doors yoga class with Stephanie at our novelists' conference [the Historical Novel Society Conference in St. Petersburg, FL]. At 7:00 am it was still cool in Florida, and the gentle stretches were accompanied by the rustle of leaves and the chirping of birds. Stephanie is a gentle, inspired, gracious teacher. I felt utterly blessed!"

  • Thomaz Crocco

    Film Producer & Gardner, Garopaba, Brazil

    English translation:  "I love Stephanie's sensitivity and subtlety. I feel stronger, connected and powerful, and your classes have helped me to personally transform in a healthy way, gratitude!"

    "Eu amo Stephanie's sensibilidade e sutiliza. Eu me sinto mais forte, conectado e potente, e as tuas aulas me ajudaram numa trnsformacao pessoal muito saudavel, gratidao!"

  • Adreane Maria Scopel

    Community Organizer & Mother, Garopaba, Brazil

    English Translation: "I love the parts that touch the feminine, mudras, breathing, asanas...everything! I've been finding I breath more easily and I'm less anxious. I'm enjoying myself more and reconnecting with my feminine."

    "Eu amo a parte que toca o feminino, os mudras, a respiração, os assanas...tudo! Venho encontrando um tanto mais de tranquilidade pela respiração, de controle da ansiedade. Gostando mais de mim, reconectando com o meu feminino."

  • J.R Gill

    Writing Teacher, Bellingham, Washington, USA

    "This three hour [writing & yoga] workshop was dense with knowledge--both mystical and practical--utilizing the ancient principles of mind and body--focused around 'how to build a better, more complete writer.'   The instructor, Stephanie Renee dos Santos, demonstrated a confidence and understanding of the journey through the means and methods of how she facilitated the yoga and supported the writing. Each individual felt valued no matter their level of experience or 'expertise.'  Binding our work with Tibetan Yoga and sensory writing was a heartfelt conviction and compassion.  Having taken heaps of writing workshops and yoga classes--along with my MFA in Creative Writing, my only wish was that this workshop was longer, and that I would've been able to attend the second day." 

  • Andrea Villela

    Teacher, Garopaba, Brazil

    English translation:  "I like Stephanie's awareness (preparation), flower mandalas, the postures, music and especially the energy of "Love" & "Compassion" I feel in your presence, in your person. I've gained many "Good" & "Positive" things, I feel more present in life: more breath! more life! and more Love of my Life! I am so grateful to live this experience and participate in this "group", and be your student and apprentice."

    "Gosto [Stephanie's] da sensibilização (preparação), das flores mandalas; das posturas, da música e principalmente a Energia do "Amor"; "Compaixão" que sinto na tua presença na tua pessoa. Ganhei muitas coisas "Boas", "Positivas" , me sinto mais Presente na vida; mais respiração! mais vida! e mais Amor pela minha Vida!; Sou muito grata por poder viver está experiência e participar deste "Grupo", e ainda ser sua aluna e aprendiz."

  • Deborah Swift

    Author, historic village near Lancaster, England

    "'Yoga for Writers' was a great way to start the day! Stephanie led us through stretches I'm sure were designed to open up shoulders and backs that have been hunched over keyboards for too long. It was lovely to breathe deeply and take the time to get in touch with the present moment before the demands of a busy conference...Thanks for a great session."

  • Melody Alderman

    Writer/Artist & Mom, Seattle, Washington, USA

    "I really enjoyed listening to the other women speak [at the writing & yoga workshop]. It helped me to see them and relate to them in a way that I otherwise wouldn't have. I LOVED the location! It couldn't have been more ideal. I found myself experiencing a yin/yang pull with each chakra we wrote about. It was interesting to see how a few simple poems unveiled themselves as we sat along the water. I had a lovely time and it was perfectly what I needed."

  • Irhene Kaiowá Guarani Espindola

    Mother, Garopaba, Brazil

    English translation: "Stephanie's classes have her love, dedication and commitment ... the ability to engage with students in an incredible way! I'm having another opportunity to grow and evolve and learn in your classes with you! Now I feel more brave, I know I am!" 

    "Stephanie's aulas tem teu amor,dedicação e comprometimento...e a capacidade de se envolver com os alunos de uma forma incrivel! Estou tendo mais uma opprotunidade para crescer aprender evoluir come tuas aulas você! Agora me sinto mais corajosa, sei que sou! 

  • Jasmine Pittenger

    Writer/Performer/Activist, The World

    "..the workshop itself...I loved it. SO much tangible care in the set-up and the food and tea you provided and the selection of a beautiful place to do it; but most important of all, dear Stephanie, your beautiful energy and palpable investment in the creativity and well-being of each and every participant. I love the combination of yoga and writing, as mentioned -- just feels like a very important and surprisingly little-tapped combination of practices that are extremely compatible."

  • Nicolas Latzke

    Lifegaurd, Garopaba, Brazil (orginally from Argentina)

    English translation:  "I like everything in Stephanie's classes, the Oms, asanas and especially the final mantras, your voice is so beautiful. Now I feel more flexible and stronger, able to do yoga; the body elongation I need, and I leave with a beautiful sense of peace and harmony." 

    "Stephanie's clases me gusta todo , los Om , las asanas y sobre todo los mantras finales , con tu vos tan linda. Ahora me siento mas flexible y mas fuerte, al completar con yoga el; el elongamiento que el cuerpo presisa; y ademas salgo con una hermosa sensacion de paz, y armonia."

  • Regina Anderson

    Writer, Seattle, Washington, USA

    "I really enjoyed the retreat. It was such a beautiful day and what I liked best was just spending time fellowship with other women looking to spark that creativity. I also loved the writing tips, such as the writing for 45 minutes, then allowing yourself to do something else for the other 15 minutes of the hour. I feel like it liberated me from thinking that I had to sit down for two hours a day and hammer away, which seemed burdensome and intimidating, thus, why I didn't write!"

  • Tammy B.B

    Entrepreneur & Mother, Daytona, Florida, USA

    "Stephanie Renee dos Santos' "Art and Yoga Workshop" [japa mala making] was truly an amazing experience. Stephanie`s yoga session began by opening our chakras with profound movements and deeply relaxing postures. She then later gently guided us into a meditation and closed the session with Buddhist chanting. I found Stephanie's "Art and Yoga Workshop" enchanting and challenging to my inner being. I firmly believe I will feel the lasting benefits of this wonderful workshop for years to come."
  • Suki Burns

    Ashtanga Yoga Teacher 20+ years Yogini/Artist & Mother, Garopaba, Brazil

    “When practicing yoga with my amiga, Stephanie, you feel her passion for life, for spirit, for art overflowing to each moment of the practice…lots of reverence to the masters of the past ,present and future shine through the asanas…the sweet sound of her mantras sing scared blessings to complete the hour…was a pleasure dancing yoga with you my friend…Mahalo.”