• 2018 Wilderness Goddess: Yoga Backpacking Pilgrimage

    "If there is to be a future, it will wear a crown of feminine design." ~ Sri Aurobindo

  • Do you long for deep connection with yourself, nature, the sacred feminine, and a break from your everyday life?

    If so, join us to experience the bliss and creative inspiration found in goddess yogic studies in Ma Nature...

    Rosy-golden rays of summer sunlight warm your face as you bask in Goddess Lalita's late afternoon glow below a coin-like full moon. A sea of ancient forest spreads as far as the eye can see, the mystical realm of wise Yakshis, female tree spirits. Your whole being nourished by breath-enhancing beauty before you, glacial peaks extending out into space, the roof of the world, sharing nutrient rich stream water, the domain of Goddess Annapurna. She, Our Divine Mother, IS, this sacred geography...

    This is a 4 day, USA-based sacred yoga pilgrimage into the heart of the North Cascades Range of Washington State in the Pacific Northwest:

    • Step into the healing rhythm of nature and unplug from fast-paced, technology centered modern life
    • Practice healing & expanding goddess-based yoga 
    • Connect to physical strength & intuitive wisdom
    • Learn backpacking fundamentals & how to setup camp
    • Explore Sacred Activism & “Artivism” for supporting women and the environment
  • Your Guide:

  • Stephanie Renee dos Santos

    Yoga Transformational Guide

    • Lifetime of wilderness experience in the North Cascades Range
    • 20 years on Yoga Path + Multiple Yoga Training Certificates
    • B.A in Studio Arts, Whitman College
    • Wilderness First Aid Certified
  • Stephanie Renee dos Santos passion is empowering people to fully embody and heal body and soul through nondual Tantric goddess wisdom and aligning with natural cycles so, you can thrive in life. She’s known as an inspiring, loving, creative, compassionate and uplifting yoga teacher, who possesses the Hindu goddess Bhuvaneshwari-like quality to create sacred healing, creative-expressive and meditative spaces. Certified in Integrative Yoga and Kum Nye (Tibetan Yoga), she also is a follower of Sally Kempton’s nondual Shakti/Shiva teachings, with a focus in the divine feminine and Kundalini. Stephanie holds a B.A in Studio Arts from Whitman College. In addition, she studies Bharathanatyam classical Indian dance and contributes spiritual writing to literary journal Lalitamba. She offers pathways to create healthy life rhythms, access your innate intuition, creativity and healing capacity, while connecting with others, the Divine and caring for our Mother Earth.

  • Do you want to unplug from the fast-paced modern world and step into the rhythms of nature? 

  • Stephanie's call to slowdown and retreat to the mountains...

    In my late twenties I followed my heart's calling and founded a design/build skatepark construction company, Airspeed Skateparks LLC, with another passionate creative soul. We were artists and entrepreneurs first, business people second because our dreams demanded it of us. The years sailed by and the day arrived when I realized it had been years since I'd taken a backpacking trip, which I had heretofore relished almost every year of my life.

    Years had passed in a blur of business responsibilities. I was anxiety-ridden, exhausted and spent. I hadn't prioritized and made time to commune with life-balancing and regulating sacred natural places.

    When my mother suggested a backpacking trip with her and my two younger brothers my heart cried out, "Yes! I'll find a way to come." It was on this journey that I was called back and reminded of the vital importance of walking and living the earth’s rhythms, and of how profoundly the earth heals and balances one in such a short span of time.

    Sleeping upon Her earthen floor, allowing Her mountain breezes to calm and caresses one’s high strung city soul, to pad at one’s natural pace upon Her spongy and pebbled paths, and to live simply, by having one’s complete home upon one’s very back is grounding and healing. It's this shedding down to what is necessary and essential to live that is so relieving. It is in the comfort of the forest or on a high mountain ridge that we are reminded of who we are and what a blessing it is to be alive. It is by slowing down and drinking in this exquisiteness that we attune with the gift of existence.

    It  is in wild places that we reconnect with who we are and can come into a place of ease and peace within, gaining clarity and direction on how to go forth living in harmony with ourselves and the larger world once we return to our everyday lives -- whole once again, replenished and invigorated.

    And this is what we offer and will guide you deeply into during this pilgrimage -- your peaceful at-ease self, so you can reconnect with who you really are, and access wisdom and inspiration of the divine feminine wilds and learn the yogic tools to recharge, support and guide you once back home. 


  • We'll meet up at a designated spot and caravan to the trailhead. Before hand, by email you'll receive a "Backpacking Gear Check List", "Wilderness Safety Guidelines" and "Leave-No-Trace Backpacking" information. Also, before the pilgrimage we'll connect with each person in-person, by Skype or phone to go over your gear and to field any questions.

    Our first night together we'll:

    • Come together in a "Welcome Shakti Ceremony"
    • Go over and get our gear together
    • Enjoy dinner in the wilds
    • Moon and star gaze
    • Celebrate the full moon on a high mountain ridge! A time to rejoice, coming together in Sisterhood!
  • On our first full day in the mountains, we'll enjoy breakfast with epic mountain views of the North Cascades range and then practice morning Wisdom Goddess Yoga. Afterwards, we'll trek one of the most beautiful sections of the Pacific Crest Trail, the infamous PCT, living what it is to be Goddess Lalita, tasting and inhaling the pure sweetness of life with every step. Soaking in the full moon elixir of this goddess of full liberation, play, and the juciness of life. 

    You'll learn:

    • How to invoke Lalita and Her playful and harmonizing energies 
    • Color your own sacred art of Lalita for your altar and meditation back at home
    • Sacred dance to experience Her sweet play and awaken and liberate energy
    • A walking meditation to be with the juiciness and peace of life and inner beloved
  • Day two, after morning Wisdom Goddess Yoga and a Chai masala tea breakfast in a lush Evergreen forest, home to deer, buck and grouse, we'll play in our back country camp exploring one of the most ancient forms of goddess as Yakshi, tree spirit. After communing with these wise enities, we'll then venture back along the trail with views that expand into Canada, looking upon a valley sea of forest. Passing through a scree field, the trail lined by blueberries, we'll be fully immersed in the liberating and rejuvenating power of Devi in Her many forms as we make our way to the third magical camp.

    You’ll learn:

    • How to commune with Yakshis and the healing and sustenance power of tree spirits 
    • How Yakshis are related to one of the first environmentalist movements 
    • Grounding and connecting yogic practices to allow you to embody the qualities of Yakshis
  • © Manjari Sharma

    Day four, we'll practice Wisdom Goddess Yoga with the rising sun before a skyline of endless mountain peaks. After breakfast, we'll hike back, nourished by abundant beauty of high ridge views and meadows of wildflowers, along with drinking from the many streams of snowfield water along the way. Experiencing firsthand what it means to be nourished by the natural elements, beginning our journey back towards home, refreshed and renewed.

    You’ll learn:

    • How to invoke Annapurna to access Her nourishing qualities 
    • How She physically expresses herself in nature
    • An Annapurna food blessing to give thanks and bless your food in the wilds and back home

    We'll culminate with a group sacred circle of exchange to share insights, shifts, revelations, inspirations, and sacred activism and "Artivism" ideas for our health, the community and well-being of the planet.

  • Testimonials

  • Padmaja Vedula

    Washington D.C, Maryland

    "The joy in getting a camp fire started, the joy in the warmth of the fire on a cold chilly evening, the joy in the warmth of the people around you, the sharing, the caring, the talks, the confessions, the bonding, the love and the laughter. Joy in the songs, the stories, the poetry, the yoga under the trees. Joy in the small things, the attempts to get a rope over a branch to hang food, the sleeping in a tent and watching the moonlight streaming through the tall trees as if it were a flashlight in the sky. Joy in the constant hum of the stream through the night. Joy in the walks, the treks, the trees, the mountains and in being little humans again. Joy, pure, simple, untagged joy.

    Life is short, yes, but perhaps, only if we don't live it."

  • Kaitey K.

    New Orleans, Louisiana

    "This pilgrimage brought me to a sacred space within myself, where each breath I took filled me with love, wonder, gratitude and reverence for the heart of everything that is.  I felt strong and grounded like the proud mountains surrounding me.  I felt safety under the canopy of deep rooted trees. I felt at ease with the rhythm of the glacial creeks. The warmth of the campfire mirrored the nature of our group.  Alongside the dancing flames, we shared ideas, stories, laughter, kindness and friendship. In the cool morning air as we practiced flowing goddess yoga, the light and shadows magically played, as the leaves fluttered and swayed above us. With each step taken, there was an opportunity to learn something new— about the landscape, about each other, about ourselves."  

  • Madhavi Kadiyala

    New York, New York

    "This is beyond a simple backpacking trip. It is truly an inspired divine experience. Stephanie is a Yogini, an author and an outdoor enthusiast. Her energy and enthusiasm to bring women of diverse backgrounds to experience the enchanting wilderness and an inner transformation with the help of Goddess teachings and Yoga is very special. I feel fortunate to be part of this very unique experience. This was my second backpacking trip with Stephanie exploring the inner self and the outdoors in the North Cascades National Park. The energies invoked with the Goddess work and Yoga were in perfect harmony with the nature outside. Personally it allows me to check in with myself and be inspired on my life journey. It is indeed such a blessing that Stephanie is able to bring all her unique talents in such a perfect offering.... With much gratitude."

  • Regina Anderson

    Seattle, Washington

    "Such an enriching and energizing retreat. We were surrounded by stunning panoramic views of jagged mountains and lush green valleys. I developed new friendships with a wonderful community of women. The retreat was well organized and Stephanie was extremely knowledgeable about the area and backcountry backpacking and camping and was always willing to help any of us who had questions about gear, set up, etc. The North Cascades National Park is a gorgeous area to learn about and invoke the divine feminine. I would definitely recommend this retreat to others looking to deepen their spirituality, yoga practice and commune with nature."

  • You receive:

    • Guidance into magical goddess-infused natural places
    • Instruction on the fundamentals of backpacking & how to set up a back country camp
    • Goddess-based teachings & yoga practices inspired by nondual Shaiva/Shakti and Shakta Tantra
    • Time to explore creative expression through creative writing, investigative journaling & visual arts of yantra
    • Sacred activism/artivism support

    This is a journey of a lifetime, one that invites you into deep positive change and opens you to a reverence for All that Is. For there is nothing quite like sleeping upon Her earthen bed basking above at the endless expanse of the cosmos, drinking from Her glacial waters, and feeling Her varying breaths and Her summer sun on your skin.

    Come with us...on the path to all that She is, Her majesty, Her pure reality: You. She has the power to heal and open energy pathways like no other place can, as we explore yogic practices in the setting of their origin -- in Mother Nature.

  • Coming summer 2018...

    July 26-29 (full moon the 27th!)

    *Space limit 9

    (2017 retreat SOLD OUT so if this pilgrimage calls to you please secure your spot asap!)

    Duration: 3 nights and 4 days

    * We meet up on Thursday afternoon and come off the trail in the afternoon on Sunday.

    * Recommended airport to fly into to attend trip: Seatac International Airport 

  •  Note: If you have questions about this pilgrimage and would like to talk about them, let's connect by Skype or email! Email Stephanie: stephaniereneedossantos@gmail.com and we'll set up a time to talk via Skype!