• "I'd like to give thanks to all of my teachers and a deep bow of honor to the living traditions that I'm able to share with others, gratitude!" ~ Stephanie Renee dos Santos

  • Devi Yoga Flow

    Devi Yoga Flow is a divine feminine approach to healing, creativity and self-transformation based on and honoring nondual Shaiva/Shakta and Shaktism Tantric teachings in combination with Hatha Yoga and flowing with the cycles of the moon and earth. By celebrating and practicing the Tantric traditional body-positive view of asana sequences (postures), goddess-based mantras, mudras (hand, face and body gestures) meditation visualizations, yantras (visual meditation tools), pranayama (breathing techniques), Devi Yoga Nidras (guided meditations) and goddess creative arts one discovers the power of divine feminine-based yoga to heal, unleash creativity, realize balanced health and vibrant being. I've developed this style over years of studying South Asian goddesses of yoga and teaching Hatha Yoga.

  • Shaktism / Kashmir Shaivism

    I'm an ongoing follower and student of Sally Kempton, disciple of enlightened Siddha master Swami Muktananda and the teachings based on nondual Shaiva/Shakta Tantra of the Siddha Yoga Kashmir Shaivism tradition. These teachings form the base of all my yogic offerings and are the foundation of my life path of honoring and bring the teachings of the divine feminine to the world, in celebration of all Her manifestations, with the intention of assisting to bring about balance to the planet. Jai Ma! And deep bow to the sacred union of the divine feminine and masculine!

  • Kum Nye (Tibetan Yoga)

    Also, I study and guide Kum Nye (Tibetan Yoga), and hold a 130 hours of certification by the Nyingma Institute of Brazil as taught by Rita Toledo. Nyingma is the “Old School” of Tibetan Buddhism. Kum Nye yoga originates from the ancient Buddhist Vinaya and Tibetan medical texts . The word “Kum” means to expand, “Nye” means to stimulate the flux of energy in the body- to bring the body and mind into equilibrium. Tibetan born, Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche, brought the Kum Nye Relaxation method to the West after Chinese occupation in Tibet. Kum Nye is an ancient structured yoga practice, developed the Himalayan mountains and rooted in Buddhism, combining postures with meditation and self-massage. The practice balances, opens and expands oneself -- and I've found are extremely direct and powerful in accessing and experiencing Oneness.

  • Integrative Yoga

    I’m a certified teacher of Integrative Yoga, incorporating elements of somatic movements, postures, Yoga Nidra, mudras, mantra, meditation, affirmations and breath work. Integrative yoga is a therapeutic type of yoga that honors individual body types and adapts postures and sequenced movements to fit the student. Classes begin with body consciousness centering then ebb into gentle stretching, yoga postures and sequences, meditation, finishing with closing gestures. I specialize in helping people remedy specific problems like low back pain, sciatica, scoliosis, structural alignment, tight neck, shoulders and chest, stress and creative blocks, low energy and self-esteem.

  • Shawnee Native American Traditions

    I have a little bit of Shawnee Native American blood in me. Now while I did not grow up steeped in the Shawnee traditions and way of life, I cannot deny that the fraction of blood that does course through my veins is strong. For as I learn more about the Shawnee I see how this bloodline connection has manifested throughout my life in my draw to certain beliefs and ways of being. And one very important belief is of a Supreme Creator which is female. The Shawnee are one of the few Northern Native American tribes which believe the Creator is feminine, Our Grandmother, "Kuhkoomtheyna" and this aligns and informs my yogic guiding, the belief in Shakti or "Kuhkoomtheyna" as our divine universal force behind all of creation. The principles of the four directions and the elements of both Native American and yogic traditions form and inform my inner base and teachings.